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Marie-Christine Exon-Gallé

Marie-Christine Exon-Gallé (“MC”) of MC Consulting is a bilingual Senior Manager with wide range of experience and proven success in the Assistance-Claims industry. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of Travel Insurance & International Private Medical Insurance for expatriates (IPMI) covers all its practical and technical aspects, as well as its business operating environment, including contact centres. MC displays strong negotiating, influencing and problem-solving skills, together with an ability to initiate, develop and maintain successful commercial relationships. During her 30 years+ in the Assistance industry, she has served many multi-million dollar international clients, insurers and international Assistance companies in the role of employee, consultant, project manager or expert auditor.   


  • Objective quality auditing services for,  Internal Claims Operations, Assistance Teams, Appointed External Third Party Providers 
  • Audit and project management services to independent consulting companies
  • Pre and post insurer auditing and support
  • Training needs analysis
  • Due diligence 
  • Create and manage RFP proposals
  • Project Management
  • Procedural set-up and implementation
  • Claims and Assistance operational reviews and risk assessments
  • Assessment of current outsourcing companies
  • Technical second opinion on Assistance and Claims cases
  • Complaint-handling reviews
  • Reviews of medical expenses / bills
  • Plan wording / customer-facing document reviews
  • Assessment of provider networks
  • Interim Management

We also have access to other independent specialists who can provide:

  • Medical case reviews and independent impartial medical opinion in various languages (by qualified medical Consultants) 
  • Translating and interpreting services
  • Telemedicine 
  • Self insured programs 
  • Bespoke medical training (by qualified medical Consultants)
  • A full range of counter fraud, risk, investigations and cost containment solutions for the insurance industry, large or small businesses, public sector organisations, the legal profession, governmental departments and individuals both in the UK and overseas.